Our wines

  • Crianza 2018 Limted Ed. 421 Barrels
    Crianza 2018 Limted Ed. 421 Barrels
  • Luis Alegre Rosé
    Luis Alegre Rosé
  • Desbastado blanco sobre lías
    Desbastado blanco sobre lías
  • Luis Alegre Desbastado
    Luis Alegre Desbastado
Luis Alegre, traditional wines

After an important evolution of our wines towards the Single Vineyard Wines, we did not want to cast aside our origins and continue to elaborate the wines that began our project back in 1968.

Our Carbonic Maceration, Rosé, White, and Crianza Limited Edition are a fundamental part of our history and for that reason we have continually strived to improve them and position them amongst the best in Spain in their range.

  • Pontac de Portiles
    Pontac de Portiles
  • Pontac
  • Parcela Nº5
    Parcela Nº5
  • Finca La Reñana Reserva Selección Especial
    Finca La Reñana Reserva Selección Especial
  • Finca La Reñana White
    Finca La Reñana White
Unique wines from old single vineyards

We pioneered the concept of linking unique wines to specific plots with the 2010 vintage. Owning three legendary plots in this area allowed us to start developing this type of wine. Finca Portiles, Finca La Reñana, and Parcela Nº5 share a common characteristic in the fact that the most widely planted varietal in all three is tempranillo and their soils are composed of limestone. However, each vineyard has its own personality, of course. 

In Portiles we find important accumulations of iron that give its wine structure and power. In La Reñana we find a sandstone influence that gives its wines longevity and finesse. Lastly, Parcela Nº5 gives us the salinity found in the natural saline lakes that surround the vineyards and form the impressive “Natural Park of the Lakes of Laguardia”

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