Bodegas Luis Alegre

The plots

We have 52 acres of estate-owned vineyards located in some of the most sought out areas of Rioja: Laguardia, Labastida, Elvillar, and Torremontalbo. It is a landscape composed of limestone soils, ideal for growing grapes.

Finca La Reñana, Parcela Nº 5 and Finca Portiles are the most outstanding plots. Each has a limestone base that guarantees finesse and longevity of the wines. This type of land is mixed in some cases with ferrous components (Finca Portiles), fine sands (Finca La Reñana) or saline incursions (Parcela Nº 5) because of its location within the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de Laguardia, which possess a curiously saline nature (distance to the sea of approximately 150 km).

The characteristics of each vineyard, so differentiated, allow us to produce diverse wines that follow the philosophy of Bodegas Luis Alegre: the conception of high and very high range wines. This means limited production and very strong selection processes always oriented towards the quality of the wine.


Finca la Reñana

  • Year of plantation: 1945
  • Height: 595 meters above sea
  • Location: Between Laguardia and Elvillar.
  • Soil: Limestone with sandy insertion
  • PH: Medium-high ph
  • Wines: Elegant long-lived wines:

Finca La Reñana White
Finca La Reñana selección Especial

Finca Portiles

  • Year of plantation: 1920
  • Height: 495 meters above sea
  • Location: Laguardia
  • Soil: Limestone with iron influence
  • PH: Medium-high ph
  • Wines: Fruit forward and well-structured wines:

Pontac de Portiles

Parcela Nº 5

  • Year of plantation: 1946
  • Height: 490 meters above sea
  • Location: Located in a protected national park of Laguardia, protected biotope by the EU.
  • Soil: Mixed limestone soils with high saline
  • PH: Medium-high ph
  • Winos: Singular wine due to the salty lakes:

Parcela Nº5

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