Bodegas Luis Alegre

Our team

With a long tradition and full viticulture vocation, we surround ourselves with a multidisciplinary team of young professionals qualified and involved in their work. An excellent group united by the passion towards the world of wine and the enthusiasm to share knowledge.

Alex Simo

Alejandro Simó

“The character of the wine stays at its author´s personality”

Export Director

Enara Basterrechea

“The universal language of the wine, bring their receiver wherever they are, to the origin: the soil where their history starts”


Marta Gallego

“Every memory of a wine is associated with the memory of a shared instant”

Production and viticulture responsible

Rubén Barrio

“All the good times must be accompanied with a great wine to create great memories”

Winetourism department

Sara Tejada

“There is not a bad day with a good wine”

Administration department responsible

Menchu Diez

“The best wine does not necessary be the most expensive one, but that one that is shared. Luis Alegre for everyone.”

Administration department

David Sáenz

“As the classic people used to say: in vino veritas”

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