Finca La Reñana


11 June 2019
Our Finca La Reñana Reserva Special Selection Awarded with 92 points.

With the intention of expanding the market in Germany, in April we registered, through the Regulatory Board, two of our wines for the project "The best of Rioja" in Germany.

Almost a total of 300 wines were sent to the project and all of them have been tasted by a jury of wine experts at the Meininger publishing house during the month of May.

The final evaluation and the classification is already complete and in this list of all wines qualified as "Best of Rioja" is where our wines are located:

- Finca La Reñana Reserva Especial Selección 2014 - Bodegas Luis Alegre: 92 points

- Parcela Nº5 2016 - Bodegas Luis Alegre: 89 points.

If you have not tried them yet, you can buy them in our online store.

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